Constitution & ByLaws

The name of this organization shall be Parry Sound Arts & Crafts hereafter referred to as PSAC

All Further reference to the Parry Sound Arts & Crafts in this document will be recognized as PSAC

This Constitutional Bylaw hereby revokes all prior Constitutional Bylaws and amendments.

The PSAC will be an organization of Artisans who support its aims and objectives as set out in this Constitution.




(a) To promote and support all crafts and art forms.

(b) To provide a focus on and develop an awareness of the arts and crafts in general as they develop within the Parry Sound District and connecting communities.

(c) To encourage artistic exploration and foster creativity in all arts and crafts mediums and to encourage the development of young artisans within the community.

(d) To ensure that the business of the PSAC shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members, and that any proceeds or other assets of this organization shall be used in promotion of PSAC objectives.

(e) To encourage members to take part in scheduled, or regular events and to promote the PSAC and its members to the surrounding communities.

(f) To provide a venue of crafts and art related events and information to its members.





A member who joins the PSAC upon approval and payment of an annual fee to PSAC is considered to be a member in good standing. The member will have the opportunity of attending and exercising their rights at all general and special meetings. These rights will include the right to run for office and vote, Executive/officers and voting members must be 18 years of age or over. Proxy voting will not be allowed. To maintain voting privileges annual membership dues must be paid by the Annual General Meeting.



PSAC Family Membership shall include any two or more persons in the same household.



New members must attend a minimum of two (2) consecutive meetings before having voting privileges.



(a) The Executive Committee will present to the members at a general meeting any membership considered for suspension, and/or cancellation of the membership of a member whose conduct has been proven to be detrimental to another member or to the PSAC as a whole, for such period of time as the Executive Committee determines, unless the member shows cause to the Board within thirty (30) days why that Membership should not be suspended or canceled.

(b) A Member is any person who acknowledges the constitution without fault, whose dues are paid in full and who is a credit to the organization. This person is considered to be a member in good standing.


ARTICLE 3 – Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall constitute the Management Committee of PSAC. The Management Committee shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and/or one (1) Director and shall be elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting as prescribed in the PSAC By-Laws.

The duties of office will be as follows:



(a) The President shall preside over all general meetings. The President shall act Ex-Officio on all committees.

(b) Act as organization representative for all external functions and affairs.

(c) Sign cheque.

(d) The President shall only vote on matters where a tie-breaking vote is necessary.

(e) The President has the authority to call a meeting of the Executive Committee, a meeting of any committee, a special membership meeting at any time he/she deems it in the best interest of the PSAC and/or its objectives.



(a) The Vice-President is responsible to the President and shall assist the President in carrying out his/her duties.

(b) The Vice-President shall assume all of the President's duties, responsibilities and authority in the absence of the President.

(c) The Vice-President shall be responsible to ensure that the PSAC constitution and policies are enforced.

(d) Countersign cheque in the Presidents absence or as directed by the President.



(a) The Secretary shall be responsible to the President.

(b) Keep minutes of all meetings other than committee meetings.

(c) Read such minutes at all regular meetings.

(d) Conduct all correspondence of the PSAC.

(e) Keep a nominal attendance list for all meetings except committee meetings.

(f) Send out notices as deemed necessary by the President.

(g) Sign cheques as directed by the President.



(a) The Treasurer shall be responsible to the President.

(b) Keep an accurate inventory of organization Property, assets, and to its whereabouts.

(c) Receive all monies of the PSAC and deposit same in a Chartered Bank, Trust Company, or other financial institution that is a valid PSAC account.

(d) Keep a proper set of books showing all financial matters of the PSAC.

(e) Read a financial report at each regular meeting of the PSAC.

(f) Sign cheque to be issued by the PSAC unless unavailable.

(g) Keep the books in such a manner that they are ready for audit at all times.

No officer or director shall receive a salary. Remuneration shall be limited to return of personal monies spent with the Board’s approval on behalf of PSAC. No officer or director shall be liable for any debts incurred by PSAC.




Shall be part of the executive committee and bring to the Executive Committee meeting the opinions of the membership. They shall head up and organize some Committees or projects as directed by the President. Director's position will be one (2) year term




President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will be two (2) years.

(a) The affairs of PSAC shall be conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of members in good standing, duly elected as hereinafter set forth.

(b) Each member of the Executive Committee shall have one (1) vote on each and every item of business coming before the Board, except the chairperson who votes only in the event of a tie.

(c) The President or designate of PSAC shall act as Chairperson at all meetings of the Executive Committee and all General Meetings of the organization. The President may appoint a chairperson for meetings from the Executive Committee or from the membership.

(d) The Executive Committee shall consist of a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of five (5).

(e) Should any vacancy occur within the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee shall appoint a replacement as soon as possible, that person will fulfill the vacancy until it is due for re-election.

(f) The Executive Committee may, from time to time, either from among themselves or from any members in good standings, appoint and constitute committees and appoint the committee chairperson to perform such business as required on behalf of the PSAC.

(g) A committee may meet and adjourn as it thinks proper. Any questions arising at any meeting shall be determined by a majority of votes by the members present, and in case of a tie, the Chairperson shall have the deciding vote.

(h) A quorum will consist of two thirds (2/3) of the Executive Committee.

(i) Have the responsibility for the interpretation of PSAC By-Laws.

(j) Consider all applications for membership, change in membership status, resignations, cancellations, consider all capital expenditures, disposals and acquisition of PSAC properties and to present to General Membership all of the above.




Questions of procedure at any meeting of the PSAC or its Committees shall be settled in accordance with the procedures prescribed by “Roberts Rules of Order ".




(a) The Directors may meet one week in advance of the General meetings to make appointments, handle or defer all other necessary business or refer those matters of business to the general members, as they shall deem appropriate.

(b) Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting.

(c) The quorum for the transaction of business at all General Meetings of the PSAC shall consist of not less than 10 members in good standing. Providing that the Executive Committee quorum is present.

(d) Voting at all General Meetings shall be by paid-up members in good standing who, when voting, must produce their membership card from the previous or current year, if requested to do so by the Executive Committee.

(e) All meeting shall be conducted in the following manner

  1. Reading of the minutes of last meeting
  2. Business arising from the minutes
  3. Correspondence
  4. Reading of the Treasurers report
  5. Committee reports
  6. Old business
  7. New business
  8. Members presentations
  9. Next meeting
  10. Adjournment


(f) All general meetings shall be conducted as per the presented agenda no new business will be discussed if not on the agenda, any member wanting to present new business not on the agenda must present the request to the Executive Committee 20 days prior to the general meeting, or may request it at the present meeting to be added to the agenda for the next meeting.




Nominations will open one month prior to Elections. All nominations must be submitted to the nominating chair. Any member in good standing may be nominated for consideration of office.


(a) The Officers, consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and/or one (1) Director shall be elected by the General Membership from among those duly nominated for each such Office at the Annual General Meeting, and such election shall be settled by simple majority vote of the members present and entitled to vote at such meeting by secret ballot.


(b) All Executive Committee records and correspondence are deemed to be the property of PSAC. All Bank Statements, Auditors Reports, lists of Assets, Published Treasurers Statements, Financial Reports, operating receipts including all PSAC correspondence and/or all copies of Executive Committee records must be turned over to the appropriate New Executive Elect within fifteen (15) days after the Annual General Meeting or Emergency Elections.




(a) Authorized cheque signatures will be that of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Two signatures of any executive to sign all cheque. Spousal/partner signature on same cheque will not be allowed.


(b) The President shall have the authority to make all payments necessary for the day-to-day operational and maintenance expenses.


(c) Membership fees will be set from time to time by the Executive Committee, subject to acceptance by the membership.




(a) The Executive Committee or members in good standing may, from time to time amend the constitution. Notice of such amendments must be mailed to all members in good standing twenty (20) days preceding a general meeting at which the vote on the amendments will be taken.


(b) Approval of such amendments must be in accordance with article 5 (c).




(a) Any motion, complete with supporting information from a PSAC Member in good standing shall be considered by the Executive Committee and Membership.


(b) All motions, and other business of PSAC to be adopted or decided by the General Membership, shall be deemed carried when supported by a majority of the membership at the meeting.


(c) All motions, which are adopted by the Membership, by a majority vote of those members voting, shall be presented complete with supporting information by the President or his appointee to the proper authorities for action.




(a) The Executive Committee may from time to time appoint internal auditors from within the membership or hire and appoint an approved auditor from outside the organization


(b) The fiscal year of PSAC shall terminate on the last day of August in each and every year.


(c) At the Annual General Meeting there shall be submitted a final Statement of Income & Accumulated Surplus and a Balance Sheet.


(d) An Auditor may be appointed by resolution at the Annual Meeting and shall hold the position for one (1) fiscal year unless removed by resolution in a General Meeting or by the Executive Committee.


(e) A public Auditor licensed under the Public Accountancy Act of Ontario can be hired to provide either a review or an Auditors Statement, if passed by a majority affirmative vote of greater than (2/3) of the Members in good standing, and further provided that the purpose and estimated cost of the action be submitted to all General Members at least fifteen (15) days before the vote is to be taken.




(a) All event committee co-coordinators must report annually to the PSAC Executive and submit financial statements.


(b) All participants in any PSAC event must be a paid up member of PSAC no exceptions allowed.


(c) In the occurrence of any event discontinuing all records, finances and properties must be turned over to PSAC Executive and membership.




If for any reason PSAC were to disperse, and permanently discontinue operation, the dispersal of all monies and assets will be according to the quorum majority vote of members in good standing present at a dispersal meeting. Members will be notified by mail, sixty (60) days prior to the dispersal meeting.




THIS CONSTITUTIONAL BY-LAW was read, discussed and debated on by the General Membership on _May 23, 2006 and a majority affirmative vote of greater than (2/3) of the Members in good standing present at the Constitution Meeting approved this By-Law No. 1 and it is therefore, declared in full force and effect, superseding any and all previous Constitutions and/or By-Laws.


It is hereby acknowledged this document of Constitution for Parry Sound Arts & Crafts is accepted and approved this date


Date May 23, 2006